Your pension with ETFs

Retirement saving made easy for everyone:
Save regularly, use government subsidies, invest money intelligently.
  • Yield-oriented

    Profit from the return opportunities of investing in a diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs

  • Cost-effective

    No commission and low running costs

  • Secure

    Life-long pension with guaranteed pension conditions

  • Flexible

    Adjust or pause contributions online at any time

  • Transparent

    No opaque investments or hidden fees

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For all tax payers in Germany:
Invest up to EUR 51.574 in ETFs of your choice and deduct it from your taxes

For all employees and civil servants:
Our Riester fund savings plan with ETFs and guaranteed pension conditions

Retire happily with Raisin Pension

Karl Wickert
Dr. Karl Wickert
Happy retiree

I can strongly recommend the concept based on ETFs because savers benefit in the long run. Also, the guaranteed annuity conditions have convinced me - my pension is now 26 % higher than with my old provider!

Retirement saving with Raisin Pension

The pension system rests on 3 pillars:
  • state pension
  • occupational pension
  • private pension
In most cases the state pension is not enough to reach one's retirement goal – this pension gap can then be closed with a private pension plan.

Raisin Pension enables you to optimize your retirement digitally. To that end, claims from state, company and private pensions are matched in real time with the personal pension target.

The savings contributions flow into specially developed investment products that are easy to understand and also offer tax benefits and a scientific investment.

Not happy with your current pension plan?

We cover your transfer fee up to an amount of EUR 150. Check out the conditions at Raisin Pension.

Switch now to the Rürup fund savings plan

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Switch now to the Riester fund savings plan

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Frequently asked questions about security


Yes. The fund savings plan ETF Rürup was certified under the name "Raisin Pension Rürup" and the number 006078 by the certification authority of the Federal Central Tax Office. The fund savings plan ETF Riester was certified under the name "Raisin Pension Rürup" and the number 005980 by the certification authority of the Federal Central Tax Office. They fulfill all legal requirements.


Our fund savings plans are managed by Max Heinr. Sutor oHG. As a customer, you will receive your own account with IBAN, on which your deposits flow. In addition, the Sutor Bank will hold a securities account for you in which your fund shares will be kept.

The Hamburg Sutor Bank has been one of the few independent private banks in Germany since 1921. It offers an uncomplicated entry into the capital market, provides individual investment advice and manages numerous foundations.

You will receive your later pension payments from myLife Lebens­versicherung AG.

The insurance company from Göttingen is the only life insurer in Germany to offer its customers only commission-free net tariffs. From the independent analysis house Morgen & Morgen myLife received the top grade "very good" in the stress test. In addition, it is certified by the renowned rating agency Assekurata a strong financial strength (A-) with a stable outlook. For the year 2021 myLife offers a total return of 2.00 %.


ETF Riester

Manages the deposits

Sutor Bank

Pays out the pension

myLife Lebens­versicherung


ETF Rürup

Manages the deposits

Sutor Bank

Pays out the pension

myLife Lebens­versicherung


Risk reduction through diversification

A broad set-up of your funds ("diversification") reduces the risk. First, your portfolio will be divided into different asset classes, especially equity and bonds. The equity investment is futhermore spread worldwide over several hundred shares, which reduces the risk of a single security.

Deposit Insurance

The German Deposit Insurance Act (EinSiG) states: Your deposits, which are between your cash receipt and fund purchase for a short time on your clearing account, are protected up to an amount of EUR 100,000.

Separate assets

Your capital, which you build up by the acquisition of fund shares over the years, are so-called separate assets. This means that your fund shares are not part of the assets of the Sutor Bank. In the event of an unlikely bankruptcy of Sutor, your assets will be remaining. Creditors have no claims or access to your securities; they are and will remain your property.

Stability of the life insurance

The myLife Lebens­versicherung has a very high solvency, which means that it has enough equity capital. The so-called solvency ratio is an indicator of the performance and reliability of an insurance company in the event of a crisis. If an insurance company has enough own funds, the quota is 100 %. With a quota of 196 % (as of 2019), the myLife life insurance clearly meets the legal requirements.

Protektor as a safety net

Should an insurance company come into financial difficulties despite government regulations, Protektor Lebens­versicherungs-AG intervenes. It is the security institution of all German life insurers and manages the statutory security fund for life insurers.

Raisin Pension GmbH will never have access to your money. Therefore, an unlikely bankruptcy would not affect your saved assets. They are managed by Sutor Bank or myLife Lebens­versicherung AG. They would then also take over the customer service and the direct communication with you.

In the unlikely event that the Sutor bank goes bankrupt, your fund shares are protected in your Rürup or Riester securities account. They are and will remain your property, to which no creditor has access. If you have money on your ETF Rürup or ETF Riester account, this is covered by the statutory deposit insurance. Important: The premium guarantee at ETF Riester would be dropped in case of bankruptcy of Sutor Bank. Should such a situation really start, then you can always transfer your Riester contract free of charge to another provider, who then guarantees you your transferred assets.

The security institution of German life insurers protects you from the consequences of a possible insolvency of myLife Lebens­versicherung AG: the Protektor Lebens­versicherungs-AG. It continues the contracts, the benefits are retained, as well as the already granted profit sharing. Your pension is secured.

What is Rürup?

The Rürup pension is a private pension provision that subsidised by the state through tax benefits. Since 2021, up to EUR 25,787 (EUR 51,574 for spouses) per year in contributions can be deducted from tax.

Raisin Pension's ETF Rürup is a funds saving plan with free ETF selection. Savers can make flexible deposits at any time. There is no up-front commission, just very low running costs and guaranteed pension conditions.

What is Riester?

Riester basically means the government subsidizing your private pension plan by giving you money in the form of cash and tax benefits. Every year, you can receive up to EUR 175 in basic government subsidies and another EUR 300 in subsidies for each child. There are also annual tax benefits.

With the ETF Riester you invest your contributions and subsidies in ETFs and can thus profit from return opportunities. You recieve guaranteed pensions conditions for the payout phase. On top of that, Raisin Pension does not ask for up-fron commissions and instead relies on low running costs.

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