Switch to the ETF Riester

Don't like the prospects of your current Riester? How about switching: The ETF Riester gives you return opportunities by investing in ETFs and allows you to look forward to a carefree retirement.

  • Complete reimbursement of the transfer fee up to EUR 150
  • Return opportunities through investment in ETFs
  • No commission, low contract costs
  • Premium guarantee for your entire transfer assets
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Advantages: Why it's worth switching your Riester-contract

Return opportunities

Contributions, subsidies and returns are all invested in cost-effective ETFs.

Low costs

There is no up-front commission. The effective costs for the ETF Riester are usually less than 1.0 %.
More to costs >


Adjust your contributions at any time or even set your contract to non-payment mode, if you want. Extra deposits are always free.

Premium guarantee

Your transfer assets, your contributions and the government subsidies are available at the beginning of retirement for pension payments.

Guaranteed pension conditions

Upon conclusion, the myLife Lebens­versicherung guarantees you fixed pension conditions.
More about the pension conditions >


In the digital retirement cockpit you always have an overview of the development of your assets and the expected pension.

Clarify all your questions in our ETF Riester PDF
- Costs, Subsidies, Portfolio, Closing, dependent's insurance and more!

Switching contracts is easy

No switching costs!
Your transfer fee will be covered up to an amount of EUR 150, as soon as the assets from your old Riester contract were completely transferred.

1. Order online

Order online in just 5 minutes

2. Request switch

Order contract switch by giving details of old provider and contract number online

3. We take over

We take over setting your old contract to non-payment mode, asset transfer and termination

4. Waiting on old provider

We wait for your old provider and the data release

5. Saving with Raisin Pension

Transfer is complete

Switching is better than terminating

If you want to terminate your old Riester contract, this is usually associated with losses:

You have to pay back all the subsidies and tax benefits received.
If you paid high fees when signing your contract (e.g. up-front commissions), then they have reduced your Riester assets.

Therefore, it is often the better alter­native to switch your Riester contract.

You can sign a contract with better terms.
You can keep subsidies and tax benefits.
Your transfer fees will be recovered up to 150 EUR for a transfer to the ETF Riester.
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