ETF Riester

For all employees and civil servants: Our Riester fund savings plan with ETFs and guaranteed pension conditions

  • ETF portfolio

    Return opportunities through investments in ETFs

  • Government subsidies

    In-contract cash subsidies and tax benefits

  • Low cost

    No up-front commission, only EUR 36 + 0.6 % p.a. of the contract assets

  • Security

    Premium guarantee and guaranteed pension conditions

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The ETF Riester guide

Clarify all your questions with our ETF Riester guide: cost, subsidies, portfolio, closing, dependent's insurance and more!

All advantages at a glance

Government subsidies

Why save alone if the government can support you? Receive up to EUR 175 in basic government subsidies and another EUR 300 in subsidies for each child – every year. There are also annual tax benefits.

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Flexible as life

Adjust your contributions at any time online or even pause them completely.

Lump-sum payout instead of pension? No problem. At the beginning of the pension you can withdraw up to 30 % of your capital. A complete payout is also possible under certain conditions. You can learn more on our ETF Riester guide.

That's how easy it works


Conclude the ETF Riester conveniently online. Without brokers or paperwork.


Adapt your contributions online at any time.


At the beginning of the pension you will receive a monthly pension from your assets. Lump-sum payouts are also possible.

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The ETF Riester guide

Clarify all your questions with our ETF Riester guide: cost, subsidies, portfolio, closing, dependent's insurance and more!

Powerful partners on your side

We do not have access to your money at any time. Your assets are managed by our financial and insurance partners.

Our banking partner – Sutor Bank

During the accumulation phase, your fund savings plan is managed by Max Heinr. Sutor oHG. The Hamburg Sutor Bank has been one of the few independent private banks in Germany since 1921. It offers an uncomplicated entry into the capital market, provides individual investment advice and manages numerous foundations.

Our insurance partner – myLife Lebens­versicherung

At the beginning of the pension, the Sutor Bank transfers your assets to myLife Life Insurance, which then pays you a monthly pension. MyLife Lebens­versicherung AG from Göttingen is the only life insurer in Germany to offer its customers solely commission-free net tariffs. The independent analysis house Morgen & Morgen awarded myLife the highest grade "very good" in their stress test.

Why Riester is worth it

"Riester does not create a return."

With low-interest insurance and high cost, in fact not. By contrast, the combination of government subsidies and investment in the stock market enables return opportunities.

"The costs are too high."

For many Riester contracts, intermediaries and insurance companies charge high fees. As a result, many contracts are initially in the red for a long time. Differently with us: There are no up-front commissions, no issue premiums and only low running costs, which are always indicated transparently.

"Riester is too inflexible."

Some products are rigid and not adapted to your living conditions. But with us you stay as flexible as possible: You can adjust contributions online at any time and at the end you can also withdraw the capital instead of receiving a pension.

"You have to become ancient."

The big advantage of Riester is that you get a monthly pension until the end of your life – no matter what. If you die earlier than you thought, your fortune will pass to your dependents and nothing will be lost. Alternatively, you can terminate your contract at the beginning of retirement and you can withdraw the capital.

Further information about the ETF Riester

To apply for AVWL for your fairriester contract, you simply fill out this application after online completion of your ETF Riester contract and send it to Application for the transfer of pension benefits (AVWL)
Sample Product Information Sheets (PIB) and custom Product Information Sheets (PIB)

More Riester information (in German)

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