ETF Rürup

For any taxpayer in Germany: The first Rürup funds saving plan with free ETF selection and guaranteed pension conditions

  • Individual ETF portfolio

    Free fund selection from more than 100 ETFs, cheap ETF world portfolios (from 0.12 % OGC)

  • Tax benefits

    Deduct more than EUR 20,000 from taxes – double the amount for spouses

  • Low cost

    No up-front commission, no order fees, just EUR 36 + 0.4 % p.a.

  • Flexible contributions

    Make flexible deposits at any time

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More than EUR 20,000 in tax benefits

Calculate your tax benefit

We assume that 18.6 % of your salary is contributed to the compulsory state pension insurance (if insured) plus the ETF Rürup contributions of 92% minus employers' share (in the case of employees) are deducted as special expenses for tax purposes. The tax effects were estimated on the basis of your calculation basis.
  • The big advantage of Rürup is the tax advantages. You can deduct your contributions every year as pension expenses in the tax return - up to EUR 25,787 in 2021.
  • At present, the state approves the contributions pro rata (92%). However, this percentage increases every year, so that you can deduct from the year 2025 your Rürup contributions to 100 %.
  • Means: 2021 are a maximum of EUR 23,724 deductible. For spouses, the deductible amount even doubles to EUR 47,448.
  • In the payout phase your Rürup pension will then be taxed with your personal income tax rate.

The ETF Rürup is suitable for


who receive no state pension in old age


who want to benefit from the high tax benefits and return opportunities

Employees and civil servants

who want to increase their private pension plans and deduct the contributions from the tax

The ETF Rürup guide

Clarify all your questions with our ETF Rürup guide: cost, subsidies, portfolio, closing, dependent's insurance and more!

All advantages at a glance

Free fund selection

You invest in index funds. Put together your own portfolio from over 100 ETFs and choose the equity allocation yourself.
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Risk Calculator

Simulate your accumulation phase over all the historical periods of identical length since 1900: That's what would have happened in the best, medium and worst case.

The graphical simulation shows the investment and payout phases.
Note: Every time you change a parameter, the simulation runs again, which can result in completely new best/medium/bad periods. And of course, despite a comprehensive data base, variability, and care taken in the preparations and certain adjustments, the calculation gives no certainty or guarantee for the future!

The calculation:
The calculation is based on all equally long actual historical paths of a world portfolio of stocks / bonds since the year 1900, from which the worst and best periods are determined. We have deducted all our costs from the calculated return. In doing so, we consider historical inflation values for both the contributions shown and the regular payouts, therefore simulating only historical net returns after inflation. That is, the lines do not grow nominally on the timeline with the contributions and the returns but inflation is always included over time. We have deducted all our costs from the calculated return. The database for the calculation is based on our own analyzes based on Dimson / Marsh / Staunton, Ibbotson SBBI, MSCI and the Bundes­bank.
Example: A shown terminal lump sum of EUR 100,000 actually equals EUR 100,000 in today’s purchasing power. The simulation therefore also includes a historical compensation for inflation in the contributions. With a starting monthly contribution of EUR 200, the saver would always invest EUR 200 according to the current purchasing power until the desired start of the payout, thus de facto increasing their contribution by 2 % per annum.

The Raisin Pension funds mixer

You decide for yourself how to build up your pension capital. With our fund mixer you can adjust your selection at any time.

The ETF Rürup guide

Clarify all your questions with our ETF Rürup guide: cost, subsidies, portfolio, closing, dependent's insurance and more!

Powerful partners on your side

We do not have access to your money at any time. Your assets are managed by our financial and insurance partners.

Our banking partner – Sutor Bank

During the accumulation phase, your fund savings plan is managed by Max Heinr. Sutor oHG. The Hamburg Sutor Bank has been one of the few independent private banks in Germany since 1921. It offers an uncomplicated entry into the capital market, provides individual investment advice and manages numerous foundations.

Our insurance partner – myLife Lebens­versicherung

At the beginning of the pension, the Sutor Bank transfers your assets to myLife Life Insurance, which then pays you a monthly pension. MyLife Lebens­versicherung AG from Göttingen is the only life insurer in Germany to offer its customers solely commission-free net tariffs. The independent analysis house Morgen & Morgen awarded myLife the highest grade "very good" in their stress test.

Sample Product Information Sheets (PIB) and custom Product Information Sheets (PIB)

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